Godfather OG (Indica Strain)


Godfather OG cannabis flower (Indica strain)

About Godfather OG
Godfather OG (Indica)

Godfather OG cannabis flower, an interesting foreign cannabis strain.

Godfather OG is a cannabis strain. Also known as “Godfather,” “The Don of All OG’s,” and “OG Godfather,” is a cannabis strain. potent indica arising from the combination of XXX OG and Alpha OG The effects of this strain are calming and relaxing. Godfather OG is the go-to strain. Medical marijuana patients seeking relief associated with insomnia and pain, this strain has a spicy flavor profile. Godfather OG can only be smoked in small doses by consumers with a low THC tolerance. Due to the high THC level is approximately 25% This strain won 1st place for Best Indica at the Cannabis Cup 2013 in Los Angeles.

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