Ethos Cookies (Hybrid Strain)

Ethos Cookies cannabis flower (Hybrid strain)

Ethos Cookies cannabis flower, an interesting foreign cannabis strain.

Ethos Cookies is a marijuana strain. The full range of Ethos Genetics breeders, Ethos Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid weed full of Pepper Berry Grapefruit and Gassy Topps Thanks to Mandarin Cookies #17 and Colin OG #1 parent; the current version in the genetic library is Ethos Cookies R2, which is the phenotype of Ethos Cookies #1 and #16.

It’s also the definition of bag appeal, with icy blizzards on dense buds that range in color from lime green to deep terpene purple. The predominant of Ethos Cookies is Caryophyllene. Ethos Cookies has an average THC percentage of 22% and a CBG of 1%, while many Cookies and OG strains are highly adaptable to the body.

Having this will have you ready to grab the day after a savory, tangy terpe with mouth-watering flavors. The most common Ethos Cookies are focus energy and brighter view of life Without the drowsiness later.

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